Our Branding Strategy

Our Brand Strategy:

Through design, we capture the distinctive essence intrinsic to each project, a reflection that extends to our clients as well. Our inspirations and concepts are drawn from the rich tapestry of nature, urban landscapes, fashion trends, lifestyles, cinematic artistry, and global culture.

The Significance of Teal:

At the heart of our branding strategy lies the color teal, drawn from the natural world itself. Teal ingeniously merges the tranquil qualities of blue with the rejuvenating aspects of green. This revitalizing hue not only embodies clear and open communication, but also a crystalline clarity of thought. Symbolically, teal evokes the boundlessness of the sea and the sky, carrying an aura of infinite possibilities.

Unveiling the Teal’s Origin:

Derived from the deep blue-green shades reminiscent of the area around the eye of the common teal bird, our chosen teal hue finds its roots. This avian symbol, the Teal Bird, epitomizes innovation across diverse realms, soaring into the firmament with the promise of groundbreaking solutions. A harbinger of liberty and timelessness, the bird embodies freedom as it elegantly navigates the skies. It also encapsulates the richness of human diversity, spanning cultures, religions, and traditions.

Cluster’s brand strategy stands as a testament to the fusion of thoughtful design, captivating inspiration, and a color that echoes nature’s harmony and boundless prospects.