At Cluster, we offer fintech solutions that drive your competitive edge in the finance industry. Our philosophy revolves around structuring, linking, and delivering unparalleled quantitative financial models, reports, and dashboards. These models, combined with our core services, yield invaluable insights that address our clients’ pivotal business queries. Backed by our proprietary analytics software and a team of data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning analysts, we ensure our Marketplace solutions uphold the highest standards.

Our advanced solutions encompass:

■ Structured Finance Solutions:
Our Debt Capital Markets experts specialize in constructing structured cash flow models that capture portfolio behavior, including prepayment and default. They provide actionable recommendations to enhance forecasting accuracy. With deep experience across various financial institutions, our consultants meticulously analyze loan performance data using advanced machine learning algorithms to formulate robust models.

■ Treasury Solutions:

Cluster boasts extensive proficiency in both treasury management and capital markets, particularly in interest rate and liquidity risk management. Collaborating closely with clients, we enhance overall treasury effectiveness through improved strategies, comprehensible risk metrics, policy limits, and enhanced reporting. Elevating treasury performance is further realized by increasing key risk reporting frequency to a daily basis.

■ Risk Solutions:

Our holistic risk solution integrates credit risk, market risk, asset and liability management, and performance measurement. The success of our machine learning algorithms hinges on their ability to deliver precise numbers, enhancing organizations’ shareholder value.