About Cluster

Welcome to Cluster:
At Cluster, we proudly stand as a multinational professional services network comprised of firms functioning collaboratively under the Cluster brand, along with co-brands serving the MENA market, as well as the UK, US, and Canada.

Our Strength in Growth:
Emerging as one of the most rapidly expanding professional services networks in the region, Cluster holds a formidable position. Our network of firms operates seamlessly across 10 integrated clusters, spanning 10 countries, and encompassing 30 strategic locations. All of this is made possible through our cutting-edge, fully digitalized solutions-based operational model.

  • + 50 Professional
    +10 Partners
  • 10 countries
    with over 20 offices
  • +500 Projects ( Private & Public )

Why Choose Cluster?

Global Expertise, Local Tailoring: Harnessing our deep-seated understanding of global methodologies and innovative technological tools, we’ve fashioned a tailored approach that resonates with local dynamics and addresses project scopes precisely.

A Cohesive Force: Our strength lies in the synergy of our experienced team of professionals. Their collective expertise forms the backbone of our robust operating model, ensuring that we possess the right people, ready to execute your objectives with precision.

Seamless Mobilization: We pride ourselves on our ability to deploy our expert teams at the opportune time and place, ensuring that our high-quality services are available when and where you need them most, all at an attractive value.

Our Operational Approach:

At Cluster, our operational model is uniquely digitized and solution-based. Our market positioning and strong potential for rapid growth inspire us to serve as the preferred business partner for customers, employees, clients, and various users of our consultancy solutions. The core success of our clusters and the durability of our operational model stem from the combined strengths of our team of professionals. We are confident that we have carefully assembled the right individuals to carry out your objectives. We possess the capability to mobilize them precisely when and where you require their expertise, while delivering their high-quality services at an optimal value.